Saturday, February 04, 2006


Confessional or Interrogation 101

I would like to depart from background information and relate a technique that I have used to help communication with my husband. The technique is a modification of methods outlined by Elise Sutton's site and one on Real Women DD Housework. The basis of this method reminds me of a statement that my mother made during my teenage years and I believe it is translated from the German: "When the penis is hard, the mind turns to mush." I like to call this technique a confessional, because I use it to find out what is in Jamie's mind and also to impart to him changes in his behavior or to plant the seeds in his mind for activities that I would enjoy.
In the early stages of our development I used my feet to produce an erection in Jamie's little "clittie" or "pink princess", as we call his tiny cock-let. I never refer to his penis as a cock, as I reserve this term for my largest strap-on or for the equipment of my stud friends. The method I now use allows me to take matters in hand and allows me more control. I generally perform a confessional once a week, but sometimes I perform it more frequently when I feel that he would benefit from it or if I need to benefit from an honest talk and a little reprogramming. The confessional usually occurs in the evening after Jamie has finished his chores and after he has made himself pretty for bed and appeared in the living room and sat at my feet or joined me on the sofa if that is what I request. I tell him it is confessional time and he gets up and turns off the TV or turns down the stereo, turns down the lights, pushes a chair facing me on the sofa, and brings a small vibrator if I request it. He then removes his panties and lays back in the chair with his legs spread and his knees high, raising the hem of his nightie he reveals his princess and his sissy pussy for my inspection. I usually have him hold his thighs up and wide apart, but I do allow him to play with his nipples if he maintains a proper position. I inspect his princess, and if he shows an erection, I wait till he subsides to it's usual two inch resting state and then begin.
To illustrate how the confessional works, I would like to relate a break through moment that occurred for me about a year into our Wife-led relationship. I will reconstruct this moment in story form, a story that I have replayed in my mind many times.
As I watched TV, Jamie appeared and sat at my feet. I finished an episode of "Sex and the City" while Jamie rubbed my feet. I announced to him that it was confessional time and he prepared the room and himself for the event. When I was satisfied that he was in proper position and a proper frame of mind, I began.
"So, are you all sweet and pretty for bed, my little sissy?" I smiled and asked.
"Oh yes, I love being pretty for you darling." He smiled at me and I rested my hand on his princess.
"Did you douche and lubricate like a good girl?" I asked. (I require him to be fresh and ready for entry every night.)
"I'm all sweet and clean and I shaved my legs tonight." He gushed and I began to stroke his clittie with just my thumb and index finger. I got him erect and stopped my stroking.
"Look at you, all excited, it has been about a week since you've had a sissy cum. I bet you'd like one tonight, wouldn't you?" I touched the entry to his sissy pussy.
"Yes, I'd love to cum for you, if you'd allow."
"So well spoken my little sweet checks. You probably would love to feel my big cock inside you too. I wonder if I'll want to do it before or after I let you cum." I entered him with my finger and probed him cock-like and checked his slipperiness and withdrew my finger. "Looks like you're nice and wet and you smell so nice. Is that Summer's Eve, Sun Blossum?" I held my finger a little ways from my nose and began to stroke him with my other hand.
"Oh yes, I used Sun Blossum and I want your cock so badly, if it pleases you." I held my finger up to his nose and continued to stroke him.
"Sun Blossum smells so yummy. Does it taste yummy too?" I brought finger to his lips and he sucked it and I probed his mouth and then withdrew.
"It tastes yummy, I like to be yummy for you Goddess." He breathed and I quickened the pace of my stroking a bit.
"You took a little extra time tonight. What was my sissy girl thinking as you made yourself pretty tonight?" I was curious.
"Well I shaved and I was douching and I thought about the last time you invited me into your shower and I got to help you douche. I love helping you in that way." I increased the pressure with my thumb and finger. I barely remembered the incident.
"So tell me what you thought about that last time you assisted me? When was that?" I stopped my caressing as he started to lightly hump my touching.
"Well you said you were at the end of your period and you wanted to be fresh because you were going out dancing that night with Kayla. I knelt and watched the liquid wash out from you and I was hoping that I would see a little pink, you know, your flow." He averted his eyes from my gaze and I had him return to looking at me.
"You sound a little disappointed. Do you want to see my period?" I was amused and curious and a bit surprised by his statement. "Tell me." I began to stoke him again.
"Yes, I do and ......" He hesitated and looked away. (During confessional I love this behavior, because I know that he is hiding a desire or fantasy that he feels embarrassed about.)
"Look at me and tell me what you are thinking." I squeezed his princess at the base. He looked me in the eye.
"Well, I would love to assist you during your period, you know like douching, changing your tampons, putting pads in your panties and well, licking you clean if you are a little messy." I laughed a little and started to stroke him again, this time with my whole hand, using his wetness to reward and encourage him. I thought about his honesty as I rewarded him. I also noticed my own wetness and heat. From the time I was a teenager, I was always horny during my flow and I had "evil" fantasies about a guy going down on me during that time and I was embarrassed by these ideas. Now here was my precious husband opening a door for me!
"So you think it might be a 'little messy'. Well sometimes it is very messy, so you'd better be very careful what you want. Tell me again exactly how you can please me during my period." I stopped caressing his clittie and started to pinch his nipples.
"I would love to change your tampons, and clean you up with my tongue, even if it was messy."
I pinched him with one hand and began to massage his princess with the other.
I pushed my power a bit and indulged my own fantasy. "I'd want you to go deep inside me and thank me during and after. Would you do that too?" I stopped my stimulation and waited for his response.
"Yes I will clean you deeply and thank you for giving me the gift of your period." With that statement I stopped rubbing him and told him the confession was over and had him return the living room to its usual condition. I told him to go to my bedroom and to stay awake, that I would be joining him shortly. I poured myself a glass of wine and listened to the stereo as I thought about his confessions.
I went into my bedroom about two hours later and had him undress me and kneel. I told him that it would be about two weeks until my period and that I would want a prolonged commitment on his part and that he would not be allowed to cum until I was satisfied that he has served me properly during my period. That night and for many after his mantra was "thank you for sharing your precious period." as he worshiped my Womanhood to many orgasms.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


More background

In my previous post I gave the impression that I immediately accepted what I thought was my husband's panty "fetish". My first reaction to my discovery was one of anger and shock, but due in part to my background I shifted to a "fix it" mode. I have a four year college degree with a psychology major and lots of business courses, so I tend to be a problem solver. My intention with college was to join my parent's real estate business back east, so psychology seemed a great choice and I loved my major. At graduation I had my realtors license in Pennsylvania and I was prepared to join the family business in rural western PA when my dad suggested that I look into Florida or Las Vegas. He said he would be glad to let me into the family bushiness but that if "I was starting out in life, I'd go to where the market was hot". I thought about it and made the decision to do some traveling and check things out. I visited Florida and Vegas, with some side trips to Orange County CA and to Arizona. I had never been west before and I fell in love with it! In 1997 I got my license in Nevada and I settled into Vegas with an active company. When I met Jim in 1998 I had a very active social life in "Hot Vegas". I dated several guys, mostly macho players that were great for fucking, but not much in the intellectual department. I was dating a construction guy when I met Jim. He was a client that I hit it off with immediately. He was recently moved in from college in the pacific northwest. He had a degree in resort management and had a good job with one of the casinos. He closed on a house that I loved for myself. From my interview of him I discovered he loved to cook and he was very sensitive about the amenities. I kind of figured that he was gay but he was great to talk to and at closing I brought a bottle of wine and we shared it in the unfurnished living room. We talked for about three hours and as I was leaving he asked if I had a boyfriend and I lied and accepted a date. For four months I balanced two men, my construction dude and Jim. About a month into my dating with Jim we got sexual. The evening with him was great and we went back to his house and got frisky. He was a great lover, very much a kisser and cuddler and warmed me up wonderfully. I was a bit disappointed with his size, he's smaller than average, but I managed to work my way on top and found my "sweet spot" and we had a simultaneous orgasm; all in all it was a great start to our sex life. After about a month of getting closer to Jim, I committed a little premarital cuckolding. He was at my apartment and I was getting ready for a date with my dude. I told Jim I was getting ready for a dance night with the girls. I was ready to leave and Jim started to get a little frisky. I pushed him off a little telling him I did not want to get messed up. He said he'd be happy just to give me a good sent off and wouldn't I like just a quick lick or two. His offer seemed a bit unusaul but it hit me just right and I went to the sofa and took off my panties and lifted my skirt and he knelt and got me off. Afterward, I led him to my car and I gave him a peck on the lips and I caught my aroma on his face. "Think about me" I bid him good bye with a wink. The evening with my dude was very wild, I was totally juiced from Jim's preparation, and at the end of a night of dancing I was totally wet and ready. When I got to my dude's place I completely attacked him and I got him to screw me three times before I'd left at noon the next day. I didn't realize right away that I'd planned on meeting Jim at one o'clock at my place. I hurried and got there with Jim waiting in the parking lot and he was surprised I'd spent the night out. I lied and told him I'd slept over at a girlfriends house. In my apartment I quickly told him I wanted to shower and I excused myself and cleaned up. As I left the shower, Jim sat on the bed and had that look in his eye. I was sore, and I felt like I was still leaking a little of my dude's juice so I put him off. I dressed for an afternoon of hiking in the Lake Mead area. We both returned to Jim's house and I was glad that we were both tired and we had a light meal and snuggled and kissed until we difted off. I woke in the night and thought about my day and felt a bit slutty as I touched my wet pussy, still sore from my dude's pounding me silly. My slutty feeling didn't stop me from attacking Jim the next morning!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


How it started

Jan 21, 2006

My husband is a sissy and I am fine with this fact. About five years ago I found his panty collection and confronted him about it an he admitted he wore them and masturbated, which explained a lot of things about his lack of sexual interest and some of his secret behavior. After several days of consideration on my part, I suggested that we see a therapist and discuss his and my issues with his behavior. The reason I chose this approach is that I genuinely loved him and that for the most part he was a good husband. He agreed to see a therapist and I chose a marriage and family therapist, a woman that recommended by a friend of mine. My approach to our first appointment was to end his behavior and to discuss my frustrations with his sexual
Our first visit provided me with an opportunity to vent and for my husband Jim to avoid talking about why he chose to act out with panties. I was surprised when the therapist concluded the session by telling me that Jim's behavior was not uncommon and that she would need some time with both Jim and myself in solo sessions, then to follow with joint sessions. I was somewhat put off by her idea but Jim seemed encouraged and I agreed to pursue this process further.
What followed was about three months of weekly sessions. During that time we were encourage by our therapist, Denise, to not share our sessions or to question the other about what we were doing in our sessions. In my work with Denise we got into my family of origin and my past relationships with men and why I had selected Jim to marry. She brought out that as the oldest child in my family I found myself somewhat a leader and caretaker and she got me to admit that I wanted to lead Jim, just as I led him to therapy. She also had me do some research about men who wanted this type of woman and admired women to the point of wanting to emulate them.
My research on the internet turned up a lot of information, most of it sexual stuff. I learned that
men that acted out with female attire were very unlikely ever to desert this activity. From what I knew of Jim's background, he was heavily influenced by the feminine. He was raised as the youngest, his nearest sister was eight years older and his oldest sister was twelve years older. He barely knew his father that worked some eighteen hours a day and his mother also worked and his mother's mother had virtually raised him.
I discussed my research with Denise and she seemed pleased with my insights and encouraged me to take a more active role with Jim in both the bedroom and in household matters. During this time I noticed that Jim began to help greatly around the house and to provide me with small, daily personal favors. I especially enjoyed his daily foot massages that often led to him giving me prolonged oral service. One evening after he had taken me to wonderful orgasm with his mouth, I paused and looked at him. Instead of inviting him up to mount me, I looked at him and asked him if he wanted me be the leader of our relationship. He immediately said he did and I got the idea to push my authority a bit. I told him that I wanted him to completely clean the house while I watched TV. It was about eight o'clock and I expected him to protest, but he worked for three hours and even took the time to ask if I wanted wine or a snack. As I heard him cleaning and inspected his work, I felt a bit guilty, but a big part of me enjoyed his behavior.
I had read enough of the sexually oriented websites that Jim was performing like a sissy husband. It was then that I thought about Elise Sutton's website and went to it. I reread her psychoanalysis of the submissive male and decided to try a little experiment with Jim. When he had finished the housework about eleven o'clock, I had him undress, and then undress me for bed and I had him select a pair of my panties. When he brought me the panties I sat naked on the bed and I had him kneel. I held the panties above him slightly and used my feet to massage his penis. I asked him if he enjoyed serving me tonight and he answered in the affirmative. I asked him if wanted to serve me every day and to wear the panties. I got him to say yes and I had him put them on and show me with a little dance. I laughed at how silly he looked and told him so. I had him kneel again and lick me. As he worshiped me I had him admit he was my little sissy. I had him do this at least twenty times. Somehow his admissions mixed with his licking increased my pleasure and I finished by grabbing his hair and riding him. As I relaxed I had him join me in bed and I informed him that he would have to wait to have his orgasm and that I wanted him to wear his panties all night and to work tomorrow. He consented and I kissed him good night and we spooned like newlyweds.
Soon we came for our first joint session with Denise.

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